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Avenue21, the 21st century lifestyle blog for men

As modern men we know our way around the Internet. If we put in a little effort, we can surf to loads of 21st century wisdom. The Net is full of valuable information on health, tech, leisure, sport, style and food.

Unfortunately we’re pretty bad at going through all the bio, eco, metrosexual content out there. We’re so easily distracted. Somehow too many searches end up with Russian Beauties or concept cars. And that’s because we’re men, we have the attention span of a puppy in the park. We could use some guidance.

Avenue21, a fast track to modern timesFast track to modern times

Avenue21 leads to a selection of interesting gadgets, exercises, travel, anti-aging, videos, news and fun. Consider it The 21st Century for Dummies. It’s a blog about current coolness, and how to get there.

Avenue21 has a casual and positive tone. It’s a magazine-style blog about the cool things that the 21st century offers. If, for example, Formula 1 starts saving the environment by pioneering hybrid technologies, expect an article.

Avenue21, man's blog for the modern lifestyle - Avenue 21No Kardashians

We won’t bother you with lists of things that you can’t eat or enjoy anymore. Sure, we’ll warn you about gutter oil or tell you about the benefits of beet juice, but we won’t rant or try to win you for a cause.

Avenue21 catches men up on good food, training, apps, videos and more. But don’t expect us to keep you up with The Voice, horoscopes or the Kardashians. They weren’t interesting last century and they still don’t matter.

Of course the 21st century lifestyle is quite “social”, so you can keep up with Avenue21 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a few more social media.


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