For smokers only: The best anti-aging trick ever

smokingWe’re all looking for that quick fix, that exercise that will whip us into shape, or that super-food that will slow down the aging. But unfortunately quick fixes don’t really exist. Or actually, there is one…

Let’s say you’re a smoker and you’re starting to notice the effects. You know, you’re getting shorter of breath, your skin is getting that dull smoker’s look, basically you’re aging too fast.

The good news

Luckily there is a trick to slow down this aging process, and it doesn’t involve lots of exercise or difficult diets. You actually don’t need to do anything, you just need to stop smoking.

You already know this, and you already want to stop. But there are always excuses: “I could stop if I wanted.” “I only smoke in social situations.” or “My grandfather smoked and he lived to be 90.” These arguments may sound good, but they’re not the real reason why you still smoke…

Reality check

You still smoke because you’re an addict. Then let’s face it, you’re burning dried leaves and inhaling the fumes. Nobody does that for fun, you do this because you’re a tobacco junkie. And that’s because cigarettes are designed to keep you dependent. Out of the hundreds of additives in each ciggie, so many are addictive.

So don’t feel bad if you tried to stop and failed; addiction rewires parts of your brain to keep you from stopping. Billions were spent to design cigarettes to make it almost impossible to quit. Therefore if you want to outsmart this design, you may need some help.

Get help

There’s some good help out there, like nicotine gum, the patch or nicotine mouth spray. Just figure out which one works best for you. Do you constantly crave nicotine? Then think about the patch that constantly releases a small dose of nicotine, and slowly eases your body off its nicotine dependency.

I have a friend who stopped a few times already, but she eventually always started again. She did fine, until at some point she was having drinks with friends. That’s when her brain always told her that this situation required a cigarette, it was almost ritualistic. So she bought the electronic cigarette. And now if the craving starts, she inhales the vapor from that cigarette-like nicotine dispenser, and she misses her cigarettes a lot less.

So whatever does the trick for you, find it and quit. Because this one bad habit can destroy all positive effects of an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

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