The best videos I saw this week

These are the best videos I saw this week. They’re the funniest, most heartwarming, most extreme and best hoax that YouTube had to offer.

Because I like my videos fast and high-impact, they’re all pretty short; the 4 clips total just under 9 minutes. So enjoy my picks for the best videos that I saw this week:

The funniest video I saw this week has to be “The Wolf of Sesame Street”
In this hilarious spoof on the trailer of The Wolf of Wall Street. Cookie Monster shows Leonardo di Caprio what he should have done to win the Oscar…

The most heartwarming video is saw this week is the rescue of a bottlenose dolphin caught in a fishing line. Dolphins are known to be intelligent, and this one was smart enough to approach a diver for help. Honestly, this video just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

The most extreme sport video I saw this week is Kelly McGarry’s insane mountain bike ride. His helmet camera gives us a great view of the narrow mountain path which he rides, jumps and backflips. This clip fully replaces the above-mentioned fuzziness with adrenaline.

The best fake video I saw this week was made by Animal Planet. A year ago, the usually serious TV channel made a documentary about the existence of mermaids. It was their best-watched program ever, and it was fake! This clip is really well made though, and it’s plain to see why it fooled so many people…

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