The best videos I saw this week. Part 2

A while ago I posted a collection of best videos (for previous article click here), and Avenue21 readers liked it. So it’s time for a new shortlist of my favorites of the week.

Under the name “Zapatou”, the Canadian director Luc Bergeron has become a true Avenue21 favorite. His short videos are a feast for the eye, they are a quick succession of spectacular, beautiful and funny scenes. We have featured a number of his videos here already, and they never disappoint. This is Zapatou, this is Best of Web 2:

For this list I definitely can’t ignore Tara from Bakersfield, California. Tara is a cat, nonetheless she saved “her” 4-year-old boy from a vicious dog attack. It was all caught on a surveillance video, which starts nasty, but has very happy ending. Nobody messes with this pussy, or her friends:

Another favorite that got clicked a lot on the Avenue21 Facebook page was Mobil 1’s hilarious stunt. It’s an early Monday morning, and an office worker it the first to arrive at his work. Even in his wildest dreams he could not have imagined his week to start like this:

And then there is the wakeboarder, who was doing nothing very spectacular, until dolphins showed up and the ocean around her came to life:

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