Can flossing save your life?

Mouth with heart lollyLet’s be honest about this; flossing kind of sucks. It’s uncomfortable, it takes too long and you end up with the taste of blood in your mouth. But on the other hand, the results of not flossing can suck a lot more.

The benefits

Flossing is great for your oral health. It removes plaque, keeps your gums healthy and can remove (rotting) food particles from between your teeth. And obviously all this can also really improve the quality of your breath.

But there may be more. A number of scientific studies conclude that the benefits go far beyond oral health. Because flossing can prevent inflammations in the mouth, it may prevent heart disease, diabetes, clogged arteries and even Alzheimer’s.

Flossing for survival?

So what’s the deal? Can inflammations in the mouths trigger inflammations in other parts of the body or can plaque in your mouth lead to plaque in your arteries? I think so, but I’m not sure. The problem is that many studies contradict each other. Some studies see proof of a direct link, whereas others see indications at the most, but definitely no proof.

So if the health benefits of flossing aren’t irrefutably proven, should you not bother with it then? Well, your mouth is the front door to your stomach, lungs and basically your entire body. So it seems like a pretty good idea to keep the main entrance clean and healthy.

Reality check

Let’s be realistic; Yes, flossing sucks a little. But come on, it’s just a few minutes work. And there are many studies that say it may save your life, take the National Geographic Channel for example, they have calculated that it adds 6,4 years to the average life-expectancy. And if nothing else, it keeps your mouth fresh…

If you want to know how to floss properly, just watch this video:

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