Coin, one card to rule them all

Coin 300pxA number of companies have tried to get a good electronic wallet out, but none have convinced so far. The Coin is a new player that seems to have pulled it off. It’s a universal card that can unite all your credit cards, debit cards, loyalty program cards, etc into one.

The display on the Coin will let you select which card you want to use. It’s pretty smart and even has an alarm function that will send you a text if you lose it.
For more info go to:

I wouldn’t go as far as pre-ordering yet though, a 50% discount sounds good, but the company seems quite anonymous. I would wait for a hands-on review by a respected magazine or website like ZDNet. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be trusted, but you know, it’s a big virtual world out there…

For a demo check this short video:

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