So I went to this fashion party…

Fashion partyThursday December 19th, I went to a fashion party called “Fashion Drinks” at Jimmy Woo in Amsterdam. The organizers were Fashion United, Amsterdam Fashion Week and Tao Group; heavy hitters in the Dutch fashion scene.

Jimmy Woo is a pretty cool club, but to be honest: this was a networking event, and the acoustics at the Jimmy aren’t great for that. So conversations were mostly yelled into each other’s ears, and therefore restricted to one-on-one.

Trend watching

But anyway, what did I learn style-wise?

  • Many people smoked. Don’t they know that cigarettes are sooooo 2010?
  • People arrived early. It turns out that being fashionably late has become very white socks and snow wash jeans
  • Furthermore, I’m happy to report that women still do their best to look hot, I did not spot any women sporting the I-live-in-a-box-look
  • And this was the biggest one; black is the new black. It accounted for 50 percent of all items worn

What else? Right, hats… They’re still quite present, but in a club you leave them at the coat room. Beyond the lady with the hangers; don’t wear them indoors, or you will look like you’re trying too hard. This is a risk to which hats can also expose you outdoors, but usually only when it’s hot.

So what was I wearing?

My outfit? Let’s call it “timeless who-cares”, and it involved some Diesel and Boss. What I found interesting though: When asked whose shoes I was wearing, “mine” was a wrong answer. It turns out that this guy Moreshi, whose name is on the soles of my shoes in small print, claimed them first.

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