Are you a Fashion Victim? Quiz (Men’s edition)

Avenue21 usually has a pretty lighthearted tone, so if we make a quiz, it’s for fun too. Our first test is the fashion victim quiz.

Take the quiz and find out if the fashion marketeers have you in their power. Or maybe you’re a total style barbarian? So take a minute, have fun and find out if you’re a fashion victim…


Shoes 2

1) How many pairs of shoes do you have?


2) Are you "the best a man can get"?


3) How do you feel about wool knitted hats?

High water 700px

4) How do you feel about this look?


5) How do you feel about fixies (fixed gear bikes)

Brands 700px

6) How do you feel about fashion brands?


7) How often do you buy clothes


8) Sunglasses are...

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