My favorite Greek islands

Please welcome Avenue21 guest author Stanley Briyce Batao. He will take you on a tour across his favorite Greek islands. Layout and editing by Eltjo N.
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My favorite Greek islands - Avenue21In many ways, Greece is a man’s paradise. Even in Greek mythology, men have always been on the forefront of things, with Zeus impregnating anyone he fancies. There’s a reason why “androcentric” (putting the male at the center of one’s view) comes from ancient Greek.

Fast forward to modern times, Greece is a lot more liberated by now, but still a great place for men. It’s home to gorgeous beaches, and stunning women. So no matter how many times I’ve been in and out of the country, I keep coming back for more. It seems to have a mysterious hold on me.

Fortunately, Greece has plenty of islands to explore, namely some 200 inhabited islands, and thousands of smaller desert isles. So every trip has been exciting and thrilling. Each Greek island offers something to the thrill-seeker in me.


On a holiday, there are just a few things that I really crave, and one of them is great food. Well, in Crete, there’s plenty of food to enjoy, local or otherwise. This Greek island is a heaven for foodies; it has fresh markets where you can sample dakos (a type of salad that goes well with thick slabs of meat or steak), olive oils, sweets and other treats. But the real treat is the mandated siesta, where you have to rest between 3 and 5pm after all that eating. This is definitely my kind of island.
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My favorite Greek islands - Avenue21

Souda Bay, Crete


The best time to travel to Ios is during the summer months. It may be the peak season, and everything is crowded and expensive, but it’s the perfect time to meet new people, especially girls. You see, during these times, almost all the tourists are out to party, and a majority of them is young. So can you imagine the kind of partying to enjoy? With this kind of crowd, enjoying a little holiday romance is almost guaranteed.


This island is the party capital of Greece, where anything and everything a party lover could ever want is duly provided. Luxurious resorts and beautiful beaches make up the formula for a wild nightlife. I’m not one to back down from a wild and exciting night, so this is definitely my kind of island. Some of the grandest and most unforgettable parties are thrown at Cavo Paradiso, which sits high on a rock overlooking the Aegean Sea.

My favorite Greek islands - Avenue21

Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos


I know, this place is like everyone’s favorite and people can’t stop talking about it, that it’s fast becoming overused, or something like that. But people are crazy about Santorini for good reasons. It’s one of the most romantic islands in Greece, with its white cliff-side homes and blue roofs. It’s every couple’s dream honeymoon destination. Suffice to say that when in Santorini, cuddling and cozying up is a must-do. Good thing there are plenty of hotties I can do this with. If only I can make them agree.


Although not as popular as Santorini or Crete, tourists still flock to this island due to the many tourism packages. The good news is Zakynthos has plenty of isolated and hidden coves that anyone can venture to for some quiet time. My favorite activity is to explore these hidden gems with a beautiful female companion. Nothing beats having someone to help keep the boredom away during the long trek, right?

The Greek islands have plenty more to offer, but they’re best seen with your own eyes. I’m planning to visit Ios for some R&R next month, care to tag along?

My favorite Greek islands - Avenue21

Shipwreck beach Zakynthos

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