Get off my runway bitch

Get off my runway bitch - runway fails - Avenue21Successful runway models are at the top of the fashion pecking order. Unfortunately, on the road to this top, aspiring supermodels may need to step on a few hopes and dreams.


The competition is fierce and there’s barely time to stop and make friends. Other models are often no more than a speed bump on the road to success.

So as far as the situation above is concerned; Get off the runway bitch… Honestly, the girl in blue was lucky to not get spiked by a 4-inch heel. 

Fashion designers

All joking aside, fashion designers often forget that modelling involves a human factor. Even if some models may look superhuman, they’re not above nature. They too are subject to the laws of gravity. Just put them on a slippery runway, in ill-fitting shoes with 6-inch (15cm) heels and things may go wrong:

Get off my runway bitch- runway fails - Avenue21Get off my runway bitch - runway fails - Avenue21Get off my runway bitch - runway fails - Avenue21Top 10 video

The video below is a Top 10 of runway fails. It’s not that I have anything against models, but their troubles are often quite funny.

Modelling is hard work, and definitely not easy. As the video clearly illustrates:

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