Happy 2015 video from Avenue21

Happy 2015 video - Avenue21Happy 2015

Avenue21 wishes you a healthy and happy 2015. Let’s make it a good year.

So did you make your New Year’s resolutions yet?
In case you were wondering which ones to pick, here’s the Top 5 most popular ones:

– Lose weight
– Eat healthily
– Exercise
– Stop smoking
– And to just be a better person

Some interesting facts about New Year’s Day:

  • It was Julius Caesar who made the first of January (or “Janus” as the month was called in the Roman Empire) a national Holiday. Janus was named after the Roman god of beginnings and transitions.
  • New Year’s celebrations have existed since the Babylonian times, although they initially celebrated the first day of spring. Nevertheless, at 4,000 years old, this makes New Year’s Day the oldest holiday.
  • The tradition of fireworks, is originally Chinese. The combination of loud noise and fire is intended to chase the evil spirits away.
  • In medieval christian Europe, the new year celebrations were considered pagan and unchristian. So in 567 the Council of Tours abolished January 1 as the beginning of the year. The new year was commonly celebrated on Dec. 25 (Jesus’ birthday), March 1; March 25 (the Feast of the Annunciation) or during Easter.
  • In 1582, Pope Gregory restored January 1 as New year’s Day. After which it gradually became the commonly accepted celebration that we’ve just enjoyed.
    Many cultures have different dates for their New Year’s, the best-know being Chinese New Year. Nevertheless, most of these countries also celebrate January 1.

Anyway, here are the Minions to wish you a happy 2015!

And in case you missed Avenue21’s Minion Christmas wishes, here they are one more time:

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