How Harrison Ford’s stomach flue inspired this classic movie scene

Harrison Ford as Indiana JonesEven if many of his hits were in the last century, Harrison Ford may well be the biggest movie star alive. He starred in Blade Runner (one of my favorite movies ever) and the Star Wars trilogy. He’s Indiana Jones and starred in huge hits like The Fugitive, Apocalypse Now, Patriot Games, etc, etc.


One of Harrison’s most famous scenes is in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, when Indy has to fight a notorious assassin called “The Arab Swordsman”. Director Steven Spielberg had a big and long fight scene planned. But the problem was that Harrison Ford, as well as most of the crew, suffered from dysentery.

This crew couldn’t shoot a big scene, unless they we’re all seated on a toilet. So instead of fighting the swordsman in an epic battle, Harrison Ford suggested to “just shoot the fucker”. Spielberg agreed, which resulted in one of the funniest and most copied scenes in Hollywood history.

Who would have thought that a bad case of diarrhea could result in this:

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