Miami Style. The Walls of Wynwood

Until the 90’s and early 21st century, Miami Beach and Miami weren’t much more than ghosts of their 1950’s glory. But since then, Greater Miami has experienced a true revival. As explained in an recent post, called “Okay maybe Miami is not cool. But so what?“, the result is sometimes cool, and sometimes not. But when it comes to Wynwood, the superlative “über-cool” may actually apply.

Miami Stytle. The Walls of Wynwood - Avenue21


Wynwood is an area North of Miami downtown and South of the Design District. Together with Downtown and the Design District, Wynwood is a poster boy of the Miami Renaissance.

Miami Style. The Walls of Wynwood - Avenue21

There’s better artwork in Wynwood, but this gangster theme is fitting of Miami’s shadowy past

In 2009, real estate developer and art visionary, Tony Goldman, decided that the rather dull warehouse area needed to be pimped. And because warehouses don’t have windows or balconies, he saw their potential as canvasses. So street artists from across the world were invited, and the Walls of Wynwood came to life:

Miami Style. The Walls of Wynwood - Avenue21

Even the fences we drove past were cheesed up

Let’s add some pretty girls

Like me, my ex-girlfriend Cher, recently started blogging. Her Miami Style website is cool and is doing very well. On my latest visit, she asked me to shoot some Car2Go promotion pics for her in Wynwood. And what’s better than helping a friend, helping promote an eco-conscious car rental setup ànd getting some cool photos for Avenue21 in the process?

Miami Style. The Walls of Wynwood - Avenue21

Cher strikes a pose

Miami Style. The Walls of Wynwood - Avenue21

Alice takes off

The coolest wall may be across the bay though…

Across Biscayne Bay, in Miami Beach, graffiti wouldn’t work. Street art works best on an urban, industrial canvas, whereas The Beach is too pretty. But this didn’t stop Tony Goldman (Yes, the same visionary) from exploring other forms of creativity. On the corner of 7th Street and Collins Avenue, the walls of the 7th Street Parking Garage are overgrown with plants. It looks like  a man-made structure that was devoured by the jungle. But this vegetation is planned and maintained, and it’s awesome:

Miami Style. The Walls of Wynwood - Avenue21All photos by Avenue21 on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Click on photos for larger pictures)

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