Planking is still big, but for the right reasons now

PlankingEvery now and then useless trends pop up on social media. Think of Gangnam Style, duck lips or leg-selfies (You know, women photographing their legs in front of a swimming pool/beach). Another trend that kept the social media buzzing for a while is “planking”. Remember those pictures of people lying stiff as a plank, preferably in strange locations?

New and improved planking

On social media, planking pretty much died the anonymous death it deserved, but at the same time its popularity only grew in the gyms. Currently planking is the hottest ab workout. There are few personal trainers that don’t include it in their workouts. And justifiably so, it’s a great core exercise.

Because planking is so effective, you don’t have to spend too much time on it. A few minutes is enough, which means that by the time you get really good at holding the same position, 1 or 2 reps will suffice.

Doing it right

The correct way to do the basic planking workout is in this video:

For those who already are advanced plankers, or just want to mix it up a bit, here’s a hot Aussie girl showing some great variations:

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