Puku, charging on the go

Puku ChargerI like smartphones; they’re like having last year’s science fiction in your pocket. It’s funny how fast I got used to googling a question in mid-conversation, or checking breaking news on the go, or finding the party, or… Like I said, I like smartphones.

Samsung, Apple and the rest all try to outdo each other on specifications, like weight. The heaviest part of a phones is usually its battery, so this is kept small, too small. With a few exceptions like the Galaxy Note, smartphones just don’t have the battery life to last one busy day.

A stylish solution

The Puku Charger is a portable, rechargeable battery for smartphones, cameras, tablets and a bunch of other handheld devices. And it looks really cool. Well actually, the bright colors are a bit girly, but the matte grey looks good.
And let’s be honest about this; the Puku is no rocket science, it’s just a battery pack. But it’s a compact, powerful, good-looking way to charge your phone on the go. It’s a user-friendly solution, so you don’t have to wait by the outlet for your phone to charge.


A single charge (of 8000 mAh) delivers:

  • 1149 hours of standby
  • 56 hours of talk time
  • 153 hours of media play time.

Which means that a single charge of the Puku can charge 5 smartphones.
For more info, check www.gotpuku.com

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