Recon Jet, or: How I will work out in 2014

Recon Jet Avenue21 is a shortcut to the 21st century, and thus we appreciate truly innovative companies like Recon. The company from Vancouver, Canada creates wearable computers for athletes. Basically they’re working on the future of training and sport monitoring.

Recon Jet

My favorite Recon product is the Jet. It’s what you get if a Google Glass and a Polar sport watch have a really smart baby. The baby’s due date (or first shipment) of Spring of 2014 fits nicely with the time that I start cycling again after the winter. And I’m already looking forward to trying out this new “toy”. But why don’t I explain what exactly a Recon Jet is first.

Some specs

Basically, Recon Jet is a pair of sport sunglasses with a dashboard displayed in them. It reminds me of the visor that jet fighter pilots use. It’s a great gadget for athletes like cyclists, speed skaters and triathletes. It displays data like speed, heart rate, cadence, maps, temperature and smartphone connection with caller-ID, etc. 

Recon Jet is an activity specific display that is located in the lower peripheral of your right eye, so it doesn’t obstruct your view of the the road ahead. Jet has a microcomputer, hi-res display, dual core processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and HD camera. And can be ordered online for USD 599,00 at Recon’s website.


There’s also a Snow version for skiers and boarders, but as occasional off-roader, I assume those goggles work just as well for motorcyclists. The Snow is less a sports item, and more a smartphone extension, with call functions, social media, music player, but also buddy-tracking, elevation, weather, speed, temperature, maps, etc. So I guess I want one of those too. For more info, the Snow can also be found on Recon’s website.

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