Red Bull style. Too sweet, but so cool

Red Bull, Vettel Valencia 2012I don’t drink a lot of Red Bull, it’s too sweet for me and I’m pretty sure it’s healthier to drink water. But it mixes well with vodka on a night out, and it can be the perfect pick-me-up for that last hour of skiing, kiting, dancing, etc.

Image rules

What I like most about Red Bull is the über-cool image. For example, they sponsor virtually every sport I like. Even their packaging looks cool. Furthermore the Austrian drinks company owns 2 out the world’s 11 Formula 1 teams, and won all available F1 titles in the last 4 years. And how cool is this; their Wings for Life charity sponsors research to help spinal injury victims out of their wheelchairs again. 

Their commercials are lame though, but apparently those Red Bull gives you Wings cartoons follow a philosophy. A marketeer for RB once explained to me that they sponsor mostly young, loud and “Raahhh!” types, and that they also want to appeal to a more mature audience. Still, I doubt if these vanilla-flavored cartoons are the best way to go….

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You know who also likes Red Bull? Luc Bergeron, the Canadian director who made the 2 Best of Web videos (click here and here) that Avenue21 has posted. He made the Red Bull tribute below, and it meets the high standards that we have come to expect from him. It’s fast, beautiful and exciting. Enjoy:

Pictures: Red Bull Racing/Getty Images


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