Spectacular video of a real-life batman

Spectacular video of a real-life batman - Avenue21Men can’t fly. Right? Not without an engine, no. But technology helps us get pretty close; there’s hang gliding, parachute jumping and one of the coolest sports ever; wingsuit flying.


A wingsuit is literally a suit that acts like a wing. Also known as a “bat suit”, it adds surface area to a person’s body to help create lift. When jumping from a high point, it gives the batman control while diving to the ground.

Da Vinci

As far as we know, the first person to design a wingsuit was Leonardo da Vinci. But it took some 500 years for Da Vinci’s vision to become reality. After various previous versions, the first modern bat suit was developed almost 20 years ago, and the sport of wingsuit flying has taken flight since then. Wingsuits can even be bought commercially now.

Spectacular video of a real-life batman - Avenue21

Jokke Sommer

One of the best wingmen in the world, and star of the video below, is the Norwegian Joakim (Jokke) Sommer.

It’s hardly a surprise that Jokke Sommer is sponsored by Red Bull; the Austrian energy drinks giant loves extreme top-athletes like this professional base jumper, sky diver and wingsuit flyer.

Dream Lines

Jokke has released a series of videos of some of his most spectacular flights, under the name Dream Lines. And they’re truly amazing. Enjoy:

Pictures: Batman: Arkham City by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment; Trond Teigen for Jokke Sommer

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