I don’t do yoga, but maybe I should…

Sun Salutation screenshot 300pxWhen I think of a workout, yoga doesn’t jump to mind. For me workouts involve gloves and the risk that mistakes will hurt. Yet there’s a lot to be said for yoga.

I don’t know about you guys, but if I sit at my desk too long, my whole body gets a bit stiff. The muscles in my back, shoulders, legs and neck would really like a good stretching. And yoga is perfect for that.

Despite the flexible women

I’m not the type to go to a yoga class in the morning, or actually any time of the day. Sure, in theory it sounds great to be surrounded by flexible women in tight outfits. But if I ever start treating my gym as some low-budget strip club, feel free to hand me my pervert badge.

Okay, so no yoga class for me, which conveniently protects my ego from getting out-flexed by a room full of women. But even though my ego is safe, my body could really benefit from some yoga. Remember those sports that require gloves, and can hurt when you make a mistake? They may have done some damage…

Sun Salutation

If you learn just one yoga-exercise, go for the sun salutation. It’s the essential yoga routine, it’s the basis. And it’s a great way to stretch the tension out of your muscles. There are many versions with small differences, but just follow the very flexible girl in the video or the picture under it (click to enlarge).

Within a few minutes, you might be surprised how much more flexible you become from this fairly simple exercise. And even though the girl does most repetitions pretty quickly, decide for yourself what feels best. If you want to do the reps slower and hold certain positions a little longer, just do that. For me for instance, it works better if I hold certain positions for 15 seconds, the quick reps just don’t stretch me enough. Just listen to your body, it should know best.

Sun Salutation

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